What to do with our stuff?

Did we sell the house, did we rent, what are we doing with our cars, are we moving, what about our DOG! Pretty important questions you need to go through before taking off for a year plus journey. This is what we did.

The House. We bought our house 3 years ago, and ever since our property value has been increasing and seems like it is a sellers market right now. I didn’t want to give up the house, first of all because I love it and second of all because it is shooting up in value. So we looked at renting it out and found the perfect renter…my dad. He recently got a 2 week on/2 week off job in OKC and so he will be staying there for the time period that we are gone or until we decide to sell the house. So that worked out probably the best we could have hoped for crazily enough. No moving, no finding renters, easy transition.

The Cars. Katie has a 2002 highlander and I have an 05 civic. I decided to give the champion civic away to a family in need. The 4th grade girl of the family receiving the car said she was going to name it blessing, which was pretty touching. We are going to keep Katie’s car and drive it around the States before we take off to Brazil to keep travel costs low.

The DOG! Don’t let Katie read this part. We picked up Moby 3 years ago and love her dearly. It is pretty tough parting with a pet. Luckily she loves to be in Washington and run free in the mountains, so she will be staying with my parents up in Washington.

The rest of our STUFF. When we were packing it was pretty crazy the amount of excess clothes we had. So we are giving a lot of clothes away to cut down on the amount of stuff just sitting in the house, getting no use. The lawnmower, weed killer, paint brushes, saws, electronics, pots and pans, furniture and so on will stay in the house. Our original plan was to sell the house and sell some of our stuff and keep some of it in storage in St Louis. Luckily we didn’t have to do all that, but I am sure will have to do it sometime in the near future. I think a lot of people feel tied down to a job, house, or any other material possessions they have accumulated. Most people would say I can’t leave because I have this dog, or I just started this business, or I have two nice cars we just bought and I don’t want them to loose value. Again, it depends how bad you want something. If someone loves a dog more than loving breaking away from normal life then that will be there top priority. It all lies in what peoples priorities are. Some people can easily go down a path in life without re-evaluating his or her priorities and then when they do re-evaluate they think to themselves why have I not done something different this whole time.  Sticking to that evaluation and your priorities is a pretty important step that needed to happen for us to be able to travel the world.

In the end we want to live a simpler life and not be tied down to all our STUFF. Fitting everything we need on our back sounds great to me. Putting value in experiences and relationships is more important to us than material possessions. When I am sitting on my death bed I will think more about the times I was sailing the Indian Ocean with my close friends or biking alone into a beautiful sunset in Spain, instead of the lexus or ATV’s I might have bought. Memories, people, and experiences make people rich and stay with them forever. Stuff comes and goes, it does not stay with us. When I was in college my dad and brother helped me move out. I was not organized at all and had all my clothes shoved in plastic garbage bags. After moving and then unpacking 2 days after I couldn’t find any of my shoes. I later concluded that my brother had thrown them away thinking it was trash…or so he says. I was pretty down about it at first, but later realized that material things come and go easily. If you attach yourself to your possession you will always be let down. So in the end it was a great experience for me because I realized that its just STUFF, nothing of importance. This all was pretty important for us to realize before we made the decision to quit our jobs and travel around the world.


– W