Packing List

Fit your life into a bag for over a year…talk about downsizing. Sounds kinda awesome to me really. Creating our packing list was pretty fun, but it also stressed me out buying a bunch of new stuff. Reading other blogs and doing our own research got a little much after a while. For example, we debated sleeping bag liners (do we really need liners, aren’t we going to have sheets, do I need sheets in warms weather), shampoo travel bottles (should we get the $25 bottles that only have one squeeze spot and are no spill compared to $2 ones at target), tablet or computer (lets just be simple, no maybe lets edit pictures and videos), GoPro attachments (do I really need that clamp attachment), what hard cases do I need, what waterproof stuff do I need (what happens if it rains, we forget our rain cover in our main bag, and all our stuff inside our bag gets wet, should we have a double back up plan and have everything in super waterproof baggies in our bag), do we really need to buy a phone. OKOKOK I’ll stop, but I could go on. Like I have said before I think all you need to go is a passport, credit card, and a few clothes in a bag. The details of the packing list got the best of both of us, so here is a list of everything we are taking. I am going to break this down into four groups; 1. Clothes 2. Electronics 3. Medicine/Toiletries 4. Bags.

1. Clothes

Wes Clothes

Starting from the top going left to right.

3 Packing cubes. One for socks and boxer briefs, one for shirts and shorts, and one for jackets and biking gear
7 Pairs of socks. Nothing special, just plain socks.
4 Pairs of underwear. 1 pair of lightweight merino wool SAXX boxer briefs, 1 lightweight breathable SAXX boxer briefs, 1 exofficio boxer briefs, 1 pair of normal boxers. (I wanted 4 different pairs so I could be prepared for any activity. I will probably do an evaluation on each of them later in another post)
5 Shirts. One collared shirt from Shop Good, one black Ice Breaker t-shirt, one tank top, one cotton t-shirt, and of course one liverpool jersey
4 Shorts and 1 kackis. Two shorts from Club Monaco that have always fit well on me. One swimsuit. One addidas soccer athletic shorts. 1 pair of kacki pants.
2 Jackets. One hoodie and one lightweight waterproof zip up.
3 Pairs of shoes. One pair of Mizuno running shoes (these will have to do for biking, hiking, and soccer shoes). One pair of Zuriick normal hightop shoes which will probably be my everyday shoe. One pair of flip flops.
– 1 REI rain bag cover, glasses, SUGOi biking gloves and padded biking shorts, TravelPack travel towel, and REI pillow


Katie Clothes

8 Pairs of underwear. 5 Exofficio Give-N-Go Lacy Thongs (0.5oz). 3 Exofficio Give-N-Go Lacy Low Rise Bikini (4 oz)
6 Pairs of socks. 2 pairs of Smartwool PHD Run Light Micro Socks. 2 pairs Balega Enduro No Show Socks. 1 pair Thorlos  84N Runner Socks
3 Bras. Gap Body Racerback Pullover Bra (White), Gap Body favorite wireless bra (nude), Gap Body seamless bra (black)
– 5 Shirts.
1 long sleeve Gap turquoise shirt. 4 various short sleeve t-shirts
– 4 Tank tops. Lululemon 105 F Singlet tank (Heathered Black). Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback (Blue) -not pictured. 1 Lululemon power Y tank *luon- (Black) with built in bra, 1 razorback tank top- not pictured
– 1 Bathing suit -not pictured
– 1 Light weight summer scarf
– 3 Shoes. Brooks Ravenna 5 Running Shoes. iPanema Ana Tan flip flop sandal. Toms flats.
– 3 Jackets. Brooks LSD lite jacket. Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover. J.Crew Always Cardigan.
– 5 Pairs of pants. 1 pair of skinny jeans from Gap. 1 pair of Lulu Groove long pants. 1 pair of Lulu Run: Inspire Crop II-Black (work-out pants). 1 pair of Lulu Studio Crop pants (light-weight, moisture wicking, loose fit). 1 pair of Express leggings.
– 3 Pairs of shorts. 1 pair of Lululemon groovy run short. 1 pair jean shorts. Padded biking shorts
Dress/Skirts. 1 Gap Long dress. 1 H&M Short black dress. 1 Gap Body Black Maxi Skirt. 1 Target romper. 2 Headbands
– 1 REI rain bag cover (not pictured), TravelPack travel towel, and REI pillow (not pictured)

2. Electronics


GoPro Hero 3. Handheld attachment, clamp attachment, and double battery recharger. We also bought a pelican hard case to store the GoPro and other accesories.
11” Macbook Air. The most lightweight computer that could handle editing RAW pictures and videos. Also have a hardcandy bubble case that has a fairly hard case to protect the computer.
Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera. Seems like a great travel camera so far, small enough but also takes great pictures. We bought a relatively hard case for the camera as well. In the grey bag we have cords, lens cleaner, extra battery, and extra SD card. We also have an audio mic as an attachment on the hotshoe and a gorilla tripod.
Unlocked iPhone 5s. SIM cards for in country calling, camera, video camera, offline map apps, budgeting apps and more.
2 Power converters
Kindle paperwhite
Electric razor
1 TB Lacie External Hardrive. Looked at the possiblilty of just doing cloud storage, but the upload time is so slow on most services so we had to go for the extra hardrive. We also got a small SD reader for the computer.
– Definitely not electronic but 1 small soccer ball (gotta keep my skills up)
Misc stuff. Headlamp, power cords, USB cords, headphone splitter, headphones, and lock

3. Medicine/Toiletries


– Tweezers
– Nail clippers
– Deodorant (travel size)
– Razor & 3 extra razor blades
– Toothbrush & toothpaste
– Hairbrush
– Rubber bands
– Mascara & blush
– Face wash (travel size)
– Face lotion (travel size)
– Contacts/Glasses/Contact Solution & Case
– Shampoo & conditioner (6 ounce bottles)
– Body wash
– Q-tips
– Hand sanitizer
– Sunscreen (2 bottles)
– Insect repellant (high deet 30%)
– Wet Wipes
– Hair product

Malarone (Atovaquone/Proguanil tabs 250/100)
– Cipro 500mg tabs
– EpiPen
– Scopolamine patch (10 patches)
– Ibuprofen
– Excedrin
– Imodium (4 tabs)
– Hydrocortisone cream 1% (1 oz)
– Zantac 75mg
– Zyrtec
– Benadryl (9 tabs)
– Antibiotic Cream
– Mucinex (guaifenesin & dextromethorphan) (6 tabs)
– Albuterol inhaler
– Misc. first aid kit stuff:
bandaids, gauze, alcohol swabs, medical tape, scissors, mole skin

4. Bags


Deuter 65L + 10L. We went to REI and tried on different packs and walked around the store. A few of the Ospreys cut into my shoulders a bit much. This one felt great on both of us. The most important advice we can give you is go to a store and try it on. Each pack fits differently with various body types.
Deuter 60L + 10L.
– Pacsafe purse. This purse is pretty anti-pick pocketer. It has loops and locks for the zippers and most of it is hidden.
– Marmot 18L daypack

Not Pictured
– Possibly might add one pair of athletic shorts
– Leatherman Multitool
– 2 Packing cubes for dirty clothes
– 1 Sleeping bag liner


– W