One of the reasons we are traveling around the world is so we can have 75 degree weather every day for the duration of our travels. With that being said a lot goes into a creating a tentative route, especially when attempting to hit warm weather all year! Here is our tentative itinerary for our exploration.

The disclaimer is that all of this is tenative and will probably change while on the road, but this is what we had in mind. Brazil (1 Month)–>Europe (~4 Months)–>New Zealand(1 Month)–>Asia(~4 Months)–> Africa(~4 Months)

So I went to the 06 World Cup in Germany and after that I promised myself I would go to every World Cup after. Since this years World Cup is in Brazil, it was a must that we go and stay for most of it simply because it is being held by the greatest footballing country in the world and that doesn’t happen every lifetime. So we are first traveling to Rio de Janeiro and staying in an apartment with some of our friends from OKC and college. This is hiking up our costs big time, but you have to say why not every once in a while in life. Since we are planning on staying in perfect weather the entirety of the trip we are going to head to Europe to enjoy the last part of summer and the fall. Tentatively we are going to go to Portugal, Spain, Croatia, and Turkey. We are hoping to Bike the ~900 mile Santiago de Compostela across Spain and sail the coast of Croatia before volunteering in Turkey. We then are planning on heading to New Zealand for December for their summer. After New Zealand we will head to Asia. We have not completely narrowed our list of places we plan to visit in Asia. So currently the countries we most want to visit are Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, Nepal and India. That should be around January- April so we will skip out on the chilly wind of Oklahoma which won’t be missed at all. We haven’t researched too many specific details for Asia yet, but plan to stay with one of my best friends who is moving to Chengdu, China. From Asia we will probably fly to southern Africa and travel through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and then Namibia.

Our route is mainly consisting of warm weather all year long, as well as round about 4 countries per content. Although we wanted to stay in South America a little longer, the warm weather route won, so we might come back and do some of that after Africa. If we went west instead of east then we would have to stay in South America from June – November which would be around 5 months. We came to the conclusion that might be a little too long and we wanted to take advantage of the end of summer and start of fall in Europe and therefore are planning to head there after Brazil. We want to check out New Zealand and in December the weather should be perfect, so we have decided to try to fit that in. Since we are fitting in New Zealand, we thought that SE Asia was closest and warmest for January – April. We are going to head there but will have to watch out for monsoon season throughout that time period. Reading up just on India it seems there are about three different monsoon seasons depending on the region. So SE Asia might be a bit tricky to navigate during that time period but I think the countries are different enough that it is doable.

We are planning on doing 1 month in each country to really see the country and not just pass by it. We also want to travel around 3 countries then volunteer at the fourth throughout our trip. We don’t know the specifics about what countries in Asia or Africa we will have opportunities to volunteer. This will be something we will research along the way. We picked these countries half randomly and half due to certain experiences that we we have dreamed about, such as biking across Spain, sailing Croatia, climbing Kilimanjaro, camping throughout New Zealand and so on. We have decided not to travel to a country that either of us had been to before. Lastly, we decided to try pick a “random” or unfamiliar country on each continent that we knew very little about like Nepal or Namibia. So some of it is actually pointing a finger on a map and saying ya lets go there, why not. Planning the itinerary was a lot of fun. We would sit in our house on Saturday afternoons, analyzing the big map that hangs on the main wall in our family room and discuss all the different possible countries we could visit.

Get a big map and put it in your house. After looking at a map everyday your dreams might become a reality. We would love to hear from you all about what countries you think we should visit???

*New Itinerary update: