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A recent graduate from Pediatric Nurse Practitioner school and a nurse just shy of six years, deciding to put my career on hold and excited to pursue dreams of exploring foreign lands, embracing different cultures and meeting magical, unique people all over the world. I am a lover of cycling, hiking [really I enjoy exercise of any kind], cooking healthy delicious food, traveling, and indulging in sweets (most especially DONUTS, gummy bears, sour patch fruits & chocolate).

What I am most looking forward to:

Everything. Seeing beautiful countries, meeting new people, eating interesting food, hiking, biking, exploring. Currently, I am most looking forward to the World Cup and spending three weeks in Brazil with friends from OKC and friends that we haven’t seen in many years. But also I truly can’t wait for our bike pilgrimage across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Above all, I am most looking forward to Africa…all things and everything about Africa.

What I will miss most:

Although most people could have guessed this, without a doubt the thing that I will miss the most about the U.S is the people I love. I have been blessed with an incredible family and the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. Here’s to hoping that many people come to visit us! Second only to my family and friends, is Moby, the world’s best dog. Moby will be going to live in Washington with her grandparents and although I know she will love it out there, I will be very sad to leave her and I know that I miss here terribly…thank goodness for Skype. I will miss the never ending Oklahoma skies, walks with Moby down the street to the neighborhood park, my mom and sister only being a phone call away, dinner parties at our house and holidays with family in St. Louis and Twisp.


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Age: 28

I grew up moving from place to place. My dad worked for an oil and gas company so he started in California, then went to Alaska, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Malaysia, and then Houston for high school. I graduated from University of Tulsa, Oklahoma with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2008, tagging one extra semester on to finish courses like freshman English. I was never motivated in the classroom and although my short comings in academia I landed a job in Oklahoma City. Graduating in December of 2008 was not an easy task with the economy just tanking. Luckily I made a good impression on a company I interned for in college, so that was the start of my work life. After working there for 3 years I switched to work for an oil and gas company still in OKC. I love me some mexican food and bbq, playing any pick up soccer game I can get in on, and love to be on the bike.

What I am most looking forward to:

To explore and to not wake up everyday, go to work, and do the same thing over and over again. I don’t think I am looking forward to anything on the trip in particular, because in my mind it all is a form of travel. I am more focused on switching up my routine, getting out of the office. and slowing down a bit.

What I will miss most on the road:

I would guess the typical American answer might be a chocolate shake and burger and that is exactly what I am going to say.


About the Page Header:

So we contacted our favorite artist in OKC to do our header. She does awesome work and is inspired by travel just like we are. Most of her pieces inspired us to travel! Check her stuff out here –  http://deniseduongart.com/